rsz_img_1267The most recent display in the lobby of the West Oaks Library and Genealogy Center features historic school items. A class picture from 1918 shows a group of serious-looking Ocoee School students and their teachers. A full sized antique wooden desk is on display, along with spectacles, an inkwell, a microscope, and a composition notebook. Pieces of plaster and a brick from the original 1927 Ocoee High School building are included, as is a report card from 1939. rsz_img_1200Photographs from 1945 show members of both the baseball and basketball teams of Ocoee High School. A sign explains that in 1888 a teacher’s monthly salary was $44, as they were paid $1 per student based on average daily attendance. The display is provided courtesy of the Friends of Ocoee History Preservation, and the items are on loan from the Withers-Maguire House & Museum.  Look for new displays coming soon!