West Oaks Branch Library & Genealogy Center

Orange County Library System

What Is It?

Can you identify the purpose of this antique object?

a) A bone dish, for discarded bones from a meal

b) A tea infuser, for loose tea leaves and hot water

c) A hair receiver, to store human hair

d) An ink master, which teachers used to fill desk ink wells




This and many other items are currently on display at the West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center. Come see if you can correctly identify 38 obsolete objects of the past. All items are on loan from the historic Withers-Maguire House and Museum, as well as from the personal collections of Friends of Ocoee History Preservation.


The correct answer is C, hair receiver.  During the Victorian era, women saved the hair that came out in their brushes to use as stuffing for pincushions, or to add bulk to their hairstyles.

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