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Genealogy Periodicals Issues Received July 2018

American Genealogist, Volume 90, January 2018, No. 1

American Spirit, Volume 152, July / August 2018, No. 4

Avotaynu, Volume XXXIV, Spring 2018, No. 1

British Connections, Volume 19, April-June 2018, No. 2

Chicago Genealogical Society Newsletter, Volume 50, June 2018, No. 11 & Volume 51, July/August 2018, No. 1

Dutch Fork Digest-South Carolina, Volume XXXIII, Apr-May-June 2018, No. 2

Family Tree, Volume 19, July / August 2018, No. 4

Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 54, Summer 2018, No. 2

Huxford Genealogical Society Magazine (Georgia), Volume 45, June 2018, No. 2

Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Volume 56, May 2018, No. 2

New England Historical & Genealogical Society Register, Volume 172, Spring 2018, No. 686

North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume 44, May 2018, No. 2

Palatine Immigrant, Volume XLIII, June 2018, No. 3

Palatine Patter, Summer 2018, No. 163

Pennsylvania Heritage, Volume XLIV, Summer 2018, No. 3

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XLVI, Spring 2018, No. 2

Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter, Volume XLIV, May/June 2018, No. 3

Western Reserve Historical Society Genealogy Bulletin, Volume 37, Summer 2018, No. 2

Genealogy Periodicals

Genealogy periodicals (magazines) can be a rich and unique source, containing information that might not be found anywhere else.   Remember to include this valuable resource in your research!  Come on in to see the newest issues!  Here is a sample of what you will find:

  • In the AGS Magazine (Alabama Genealogical Society), Volume 50, Spring/Summer 2018, you’ll find delegate biographies (including birth date, death date, and burial location (when known)), for those who attended the Alabama Constitutional Convention of 1819; “Biographical, Genealogical, and Personal Information on Some Alabama Confederate Soldiers;” a transcription of burials at the Massey Pioneer Cemetery near Trussville, Alabama; and more!
  • In The Scribe (Georgia Genealogical Society), Volume 25, No. 2, May 2018, you’ll find information on Georgia historical newspapers online; a map of Cherokee Settlements 1825; a detailed schedule for the 2019 Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR); and more!
  • In Your Genealogy Today, Volume 4, No. 3, July / August 2018, you’ll find George G. Morgan’s how to article on “Circular Genealogy;” an article on how to work around the loss of the 1890 U.S. Census; an article on how to find your Croatian roots; and more!
  • In Mennonite Family History, Volume 37, No. 3, July 2018, you’ll find an article on the voyage of the Poland in Spring 1839; a review of a book detailing the history of the 300 year old Mellinger Mennonite Church in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; a detailed family cluster DNA study helping to identify ancestral Lutheran roots; and more!

The West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center has over 800 unique periodical titles, with over 60 current subscriptions with new issues added each month.

Spirit of America

The Spirit of America is the latest display in the lobby of the West Oaks Library & Genealogy Center. The display, provided by the Friends of Ocoee History Preservation,  features patriotic and military memorabilia, including World War II ration books, posters, and vintage letters and photographs.  Come in to see these inspirational and patriotic artifacts.

Pictured here is Malba Hudson, a U.S. Navy veteran, citrus grower, and councilman. He was born in Ocoee in 1901 to Washie Minor and Thomas David Hudson and died in 1983.


Malba Hudson