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New Genealogy Titles Added in October





Subject Area Title Author Call #
GENEALOGY Canada The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West: Volume 11: Part 1, Home District: 1808-1836 Dan Walker, Ruth Burkholder & Fawne Stratford-Devai RG 971 MAR
DAR Illinois Nauvoo and Hancock County, Illinois: A Guide to Family History and Historical Sources Kip Sperry DAR 977.343 SPE
GENEALOGY Illinois Mortality Census 1850-1880 Calhoun Co., Illionois; Military List 1862 Joseph Meyer RG 977.3853 CAL
GENEALOGY Illinois Clubs, Lodges, and Fraternal Organizations, 1866-1986, Calhoun County, Illinois George W. Carpenter RG 977.3853 CAR
GENEALOGY Illinois Calhoun Undertakers: 110 years, 1878-1988 George W. Carpenter RG 977.3853 CAR
GENEALOGY Illinois Pioneer Obits. of Calhoun County, Illinois RG 977.3853 CAL
GENEALOGY Illinois Obituaries of Calhoun County, Illinois, 1875-1899 Robert O. Fay RG 977.3853 FAY
GENEALOGY Illinois Illinois: Her Counties, Her Townships and Her Towns Jennifer B. Rau RG 9773 ILL
GENEALOGY Illinois Calhoun County, Illinois, Census, 1880 Calhoun County Historical Society RG 977.3853 CAL
GENEALOGY Illinois Calhoun County Cemeteries, 2011 RG 977.3853 CAL
GENEALOGY Illinois Calhoun County Cemeteries, 1983 RG 977.3853 CAL
GENEALOGY Illinois U.S. Census: Calhoun County, Illinois, 1870 Calhoun County Historical Society RG 977.3853 CAL
GENEALOGY Missouri Howell County, Missouri, Deed Records, Pre 1870 Jacqueline Hogan Williams, Betty Harvey Williams RG 977.885 WIL
GENEALOGY Missouri Howell County Gazette Newspaper Death Index, Feb 1905 – Jan 1910 Marilyn Hodges RG 977.885 HOD
GENEALOGY Missouri Abstract of Death Records, 1883 1893, Howell County Missouri RG 977.885 ABS
DAR Vermont Early Vermont Settlers to 1771 Scott Andrew Bartley DAR 974.3 BAR
DAR Virginia Virginia in the American Revolution: A Source Guide for Genealogists and Historians Eric G. Grundset DAR 975.5 GRU

Genealogy Periodicals Received in September 2018

American Genealogist, Volume 90, April 2018, No. 2

Arkansas Family Historian, Volume 56, Fall 2018, No. 3

Avotaynu, Volume XXXIV, Summer 2018, No. 2

Chicago Genealogical Society Newsletter, Volume 51, September 2018, No. 2

Chicago Genealogist, Volume 50, Summer 2018, No. 4

Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, Volume 81, Spring 2018, No. 3

Dutch Fork Digest-South Carolina, Volume XXXIII, July-Aug.-Sept.  2018, No. 3

Huxford Genealogical Society Magazine, Volume 45, September 2018, No. 3

New England Historical & Genealogical Society Register, Volume 172, Summer 2018, No. 687

Pine Castle Quarterly, Volume III, September 2018, No. 3

Polk Proud History, Volume 43, August 2018, No. 3

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XLVI, Summer 2018, No. 3

Tennessee Genealogical Magazine Ansearchin’ News, Volume 65, Summer 2018, No. 2

Your Genealogy Today, Volume 4, September / October 2018, No. 4