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Join us at the West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center for genealogy in a new year! Take a look at the amazing genealogy events we are offering for the month of February 2017.

  • February 8th:  11:00 AM-Genealogy: Using Online Library Resources 
  • February 8th:  6:30 PM-NGSQ Study Group  


  • February 11th: 10:00 AM-Central Florida Chapter Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society 
  • February 11th: 11:00 AM  to 2:00 PM FAMILY HISTORY FAIR! 
    • February 11th: 11:00 AM-Genealogy: Using Online Library Resources  
    • February 11th: 11:00 AM-United States Genealogy:  Midwestern Region (North Central)
    • February 11th: 12:30 PM-Ancestry Library Edition Level 1  
    • February 11th: 12:30 PM-DNA and Genealogy:  An Introduction


  • February 15th: 11:00 AM-HeritageQuest Online Level 1


  • February 22nd: 11:00 AM-Ancestry Library Edition Level 1 
  • February 22nd: 6:30 PM-Using the Freedmen’s Bureau Records on FamilySearch 


  • February 25th: 10:30 AM-Diggin’ It!: A Genealogy Research Open Forum & Book Club