one million dubliners

“In the midst of death, we are in life.”

So begins One Million Dubliners, a captivating documentary about Glasnevin Cemetery. Widely regarded as Ireland’s unofficial national cemetery, Glasnevin’s population would exceed that of Dublin if its residents were still alive. It is the final resting place of Michael Collins, Christy Brown, and many other historic Irish luminaries. Glasnevin was Ireland’s first burial ground for people of all faiths, created in response to repressive restrictions on Catholic burials in Protestant graveyards. Its doors opened in 1832, and thanks to the precise layout of the graves, burials still occur each day within its 124 acres. Glasnevin is now a popular tourist attraction, featuring a museum, florist shop, genealogy resources, and a variety of themed tours.

One Million Dubliners tells the tale of Glasnevin Cemetery with humor and sensitivity. It gracefully touches on issues of history, mourning, varying beliefs in life after death, and changing burial practices. The resident historian is a funny and charming narrator, and the surprise ending may bring a tear to your eye. Whether or not you have Irish ancestors, you will be fascinated by the stories of the people who work at Glasnevin and those who are buried there. This award winning documentary can now be ordered for home delivery as a DVD and is instantly available for streaming or downloading from the Orange County Library System.