West Oaks Branch Library & Genealogy Center

Orange County Library System

Moving Right Along

Carpet has been removed.  The West Oaks public library collection has been covered and protected.  The Genealogy Collection has been packed up and readied for its relocation.  Reminder – the Genealogy Collection is not be available at this time.  It will be accessible once again when the West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center re-opens in early January 2015CarpetRemoval CarpetRemoval2 CoveredCollection ClearedandCovered GenealogyCollection

Packing Up and Clearing the Way

The West Oaks Branch Library public library book collection has been packed up.  The existing shelving has been moved out of the way.  This is all in preparation for installing new shelving to house both the genealogy collection and the public library collection.  BoxesofBooks BoxesofBooks2 ShelvesRearranged ShelvesRearranged2 SpaceforNewShelves

Moving Continues

Branch staff worked hard tagging the collection to be packed up and temporarily stored.  Movers arrived with plenty of boxes to pack up the collection.  DoneTagging BoxesGalore ReadytoPack