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Spirit of America

A selection of military-themed antiques and photographs are currently on display in the lobby of the West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center. The exhibit includes patriotic items from a variety of time periods when the United States was at war. Advertisements for government bonds exhorting women to “help America’s sons win the war” are displayed alongside photographs of local soldiers. The collection also includes WWII-era model airplanes and a battleship, ration books, flags, prayers for the troops, bullets, binoculars, cannonballs, and a helmet from World War I.

The items on display are on loan from the historic Withers-Maguire House & Museum, as well as from members of Friends of Ocoee History Preservation.



Genealogy Resource Guide

Interested in tracing your family history? The Orange County Library System’s Genealogy Resource Guide provides everything you need to get started. It includes links to e-books, printable research charts, vital records, census information, upcoming lectures, classes, free online databases, and much more.

Once you’ve gotten started, this guide can help you take the next steps in your investigation without having to leave home. Learn about different types of records and discover a variety of websites that can aid your research.

Experienced genealogists can use this guide to go beyond the basics and research different ethnicities, plan research trips, join genealogy societies, and share their findings with other enthusiasts.

This handy tool is just one of many OCLS Resource Guides.

NGS Librarian’s Day

Tuesday 3 May 2016, Genealogy Specialist Allison Ryall, and Branch Manager Gregg Gronlund attended the National Genealogy Conference’s 2016 annual Librarian’s Day event.  It was a day of camaraderie and learning among genealogy librarians.  We learned about other libraries’ genealogy customer service and collections, plus tips about conducting oral history interviews and genealogy programming ideas.  We shared some of the events we have offered here at the West Oaks Branch Library and Genealogy Center, including Genealogy for Night Owls, Genealogical Ghouls, and the Genealogy Research Question Workshop.   NGS Librarian's Day 2NGS Librarian's Day